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Strolling Lowers Sugar Level and Seventh Steps for Reducing Body Weight

People who are obese are always thinking of a way for reducing body weight.however, there is a good news for this problem, as there are some simple steps for reducing body weight.

1. Regular exercise

this is of utmost importance as it can increase your body insulin sensitivity. this will burn the available sugar in your bloodstream and will help in losing weight. during exercise, muscles need energy which comes from glucose. a brisk walk after twenty minutes can lower sugar.

2. Know your diet

the second thing to consider is to know your dietary contents. there are macronutrients and micronutrients. macronutrients include carbohydrate, proteins, fats. sugar is made in the body from break down of carbohydrates. so knowing and taking diet which is low in carbohydrate can help in reducing your weight.

3. Increase fiber diet

fibers slow down digestion and absorption of sugar. so take more fiber which is included in foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

4. Drink plenty of water

always keep your body hydrated by drinking lot of water. daily recommended is eight to tweely glass of water, as it promotes urination so it will help kidneys flush out excess blood sugar through urine.

5. Anger management

anger promotes stress and so it does affect blood sugar level by increasing level of glucagon, which is an antagonist, an adverse opponent to insulin. glucagon in contrast to insulin promotes sugar formation. such stress level can be controlled by relaxation, meditation, taking a deep breath are counting in descending order.

6. Get enough sleep

having a nice, peaceful and calm sleep is very important in all aspects of life. a person should have a sound sleep of about six to eight hours a day.

7. Strolling on daily basis

to stroll on daily basis can affect a lot. make a habit to stroll for about twenty minutes after meals as it will not only reduce weight but also enhances good health and stamina. taking at least fifteen thousand steps can make a big difference.

This can also be done using smartphone apps that can calculate your step. so modern technologies can also be brought into use for this purpose. newer studies have also proven that taking green tea without adding sugar to cups at night can bring a lot of changes.

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